Videos and Music

Videos of Music and Live Performances from Years ago to the Present

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Live Solo, one man band, from Pampas gig August 2017

Steve McRay live from Pampas Steakhouse August 2017

Original relaxing meditative music from my Healing Force Music project.

Mose Jones 1978 From the Blackbird LP "Blackbird"
Mose Jones - From the Blackbird LP "Rub / In Memory of Old What's His Name"
Mose Jones - from the Live at Richard's CD "Mose Knows" aka "168 Peachtree Circle"
Mose Jones - from the Get Right LP "Does Your Mama Know About Me"
Mose Jones KICKSTARTER Video We raised $$ to release the Lost / Found CD 2013
Francine Reed and Java Monkey Live at Smith's Ole Bar "Never Make Your Move Too Soon"
Steve Live - "The Way It Is" Bruce Hornsby cover
Live - The Spinners "I'll Be Around" - Steve McRay with Marvin Taylor or guitar

BAND X – Promo video for Atlanta’s favorite party band! Watch and listen…!

BAND X - "Uptown Funk" (cover) - Live at Las Vegas Hard Rock - Hendon Rocks 2015
BAND X and Friends - "Jessie's Girl" with Rick Springfield - Hendon Rocks 2015 at Las Vegas Hard Rock
BAND X and Friends - "Burnin" Sky" with Paul Rodgers of Bad Company - Hendon Rocks 2015 at Las Vegas Hard Rock