Steve McRay with Joan Baez
Steve McRay on tour with Joan Bae 



Touring History

2008-2016 American Tours with Band X
2005 Italy Tour, Francine Reed with Java Monkey
2002 Perth, W Australia Arts Festival "Francine Reed" with Java Monkey
1998-2002 Charity Celebrity Shows (Lexington-Charlotte-Atlanta) with Artist's: Davy Jones, Little Feat, Paul Williams, John Berry, Jeff Carson, Steve Cropper, Bertie Higgins, John Michael Montgomery, Montgomery-Gentry, Jim Collins, Mark Wills, Tracy Bird, Susan Anton, and others.
1997 California, Blues Clubs with various bands
1996 Tokyo, Japan Blues Festival with Trudy Lynn
1992-2005 America and Canada Tours with Java Monkey
1995 European Tour "Francine Reed"
1995 European Tour "Francine Reed "
1993 European Tour "Trudy Lynn"
1991 American Tour "Joan Baez "
1990 European Tour "Joan Baez "
1989 American Tour "Joan Baez"
1988 Trosa Sweden "Steve McRay" Solo Artist
1986-87 American Tour ".38 Special"
1981-86 Tours with several bands including Out-a-Hand band
1978-80 America with Canada Tour "Mose Jones"
1976 American Tour "IF" (Jazz, English Band)
1975 European Tour "IF" (Jazz, English Band)
1973-75 American Tour Mose Jones
High School / College tours across the Southeast

Touring Photos