Various Songs

"I Get the Feeling" - original song I wrote in the early 90's. Recorded but never released on CD. 

"She's Goin' Down" - written by Cliff Davies and myself. This song was written in the 70's for a proposed record deal, but it was never released at that time. Mose Jones recorded this song in 1979, but that album was never released either. So, it'll be released on a forthcoming Mose Jones CD.

"Flying High" and "Flying to Meet You" - two songs I composed for Delta Airlines, and played during the boarding and un-boarding of the flight.

Songs can be downloaded on the Big Coffee Records web site

Mose Jones

 Mose Jones songs

"Mose Knows/168 Peachtree Circle" - original instrumental song of mine originally on the Mose Knows LP - and now as well on the Live at Richard's 1974 CD (released in 2010). 

"Somethings Wrong" - I wrote this song for the Mose Jones Blackbird LP (RCA released in 1978).

"Ain't No Time" - Mose Jones composed this song (Randy Lewis, Marvin Taylor, Chris Seymour, and Steve McRay) for the Blackbird LP (RCA released in 1978).

"Alien" - Originally Mose Jones recorded this song for our 2nd RCA LP that was never released. The Atlanta Rhythm Sections recorded and released this song on their Quinella LP (1981) which became a top-40 hit song. In 2013 we did a successful KICKSTARTER campaign to release our old recordings - now Alien is available on the Mose Jones Lost/Found CD (released in 2013). 

Some of these songs can be downloaded on the Big Coffee Records web site.

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