Creating Original Music

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Digital Audio Recording

In the Studio environment, you're only limited by your creativity and your imagination. It's a wonderful space for experimenting with your passion for original music.

I'm constantly working on my original music projects, three will be available on CD as well as downloadable music.

R&B with Contemporary Jazz.

New Age smooth jazz flavored music.

Healing/Stress Relief and Relaxation music, now available at the Healing Force Music website.

Music for Projects

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Recording Studio Environment

I remix studio tracks and live tracks in my studio as well - Music that will end up on as CD projects and songs for downloading and streaming. Also, I mix music for videos. It all has to be mixed down from individual multi-tracks to a stereo mix for the general public to listen to and in many different formats, like MP3, AIIF, WAVE, FLAC, etc.

Currently I'm working on Mose Jones studio tracks, the last songs recorded by Mose Jones, recorded at Studio One in 1980.

Jazz flavored music
My Jazz flavored original music released on CD and downloads
Mose Bonus Tracks
Last recorded Bonus tracks to be released on CD

Mose Jones

Healing Force Music

Healing and Stress Relief music project

Healing Force Music

CD Release
Original music project of funk-jazz-blues for CD and streaming
Music for BCR
Music and Projects available for sale

Big Coffee Records